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Q: What is Adventure Therapy?

A: Adventure Therapy began, primarily, for the treatment of adolescent problem behaviors in groups but has evolved into an approach that is humanistic, existential and ecologically minded and more frequently offered to individuals and families. Time spent in the outdoors with groups engaged in intentional adventure activities effectively improves self-concept, self-esteem, empathy, compassion, pro-social behavior, trust behavior and more.


Q: Why is the movie called Warrior One?

A:  Multi-culturally, the warrior archetype represents vision, discipline, loyalty, steadfastness, overcoming challenge and service. In this program, we focused on helping each girl create a vision for her own life while also elevating and serving the community.


In yoga, the Warrior One asana (pose) is a foundational asana that builds strength, generates vitality in the body and grounds us to the present moment. We used this asana throughout our training as a metaphoric and a physical tool for endurance and direction. In yoga we hold this position for long periods of time to train our minds and our bodies to stay focused, remain steadfast; to train ourselves to not give up.


Q: How is this trip life changing?

A:  The program itself creates the distinction between it being a trip and a transformational experience. This is much more than a vacation to Peru.


We intentionally created a series of challenges along the way that led to incremental successes, which led ultimately to a new sense of self and a confident way of being.


Q: Why did you have to travel so far and out of the country to do this work?

A: We hoped they would find, in stepping out of their known world, they would develop new beliefs about themselves. We hoped they would learn that they can move mountains in their lives, perhaps even mountains they hadn’t realized had been standing in their way.


Q: Why did you choose these girls?

A: We wanted to open this program to girls who face real challenges from poverty, body image and self-esteem, self-harm and violence.


Q: Why make a social impact movie?

A: Why have I spent the past two years dreaming, scheming and making this happen?


I saw Born into Brothels ten years ago and knew that was it. I wanted to make a documentary. I had been inspired to get into filmmaking while working at the department of social services with children with abuse. I know the shades of abuse darken the lives all over the globe. I also know that the light that cameras cast on these stories can change the world.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: Screen the movie at your school, organization or company and bring the Wellfit Girls Program to you! We provide the curriculum, training and leadership so girls all over can experience the power and transformation of this life-changing program.


Q: Who are your key partners on this project and why Peru?

A: Jill Wheeler found out about Peaks Foundation in the summer of 2013 and loved what they were doing immediately. Peaks Foundation, founded in 2010, is a USA registered non-profit that organizes mountain based challenges and events for women who seek adventure, a sense of personal achievement and an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. Peaks Foundation established the Girls Challenge program in 2010 and graciously partnered with our Wellfit girls to create the Wellfit Girls Challenge. Over the years, they have created enriching cultural and physical expeditions in specific areas in the world, one being Peru, which sounded awesome. While in Peru, we were connected with Peru's Challenge. The Peru's Challenge Program is dedicated to developing sustainable schools and communities surrounding Cusco, Peru. Peru's Challenge develops long term partnerships with local communities to empower the impoverished mountain villages surrounding Cusco, Peru. Peru's Challenge develops long term partnerships with local communities to empower the poorest and most vulnerable rural populations. We knew we were going to be in good hands from the beginning.. and we were!

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